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Galibi Beach I : AWK - The Assignment

 October 1, 2014 - Galibi Sunrise , 6AM

October 1, 2014 - Galibi Sunrise , 6AM

Almost exactly a month ago I took my first visit of the Amazon Wisdom Keeper assignment to Galibi Beach on the Northern coast of Suriname where the Marowijne River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The Carib village opened up their culture and welcomed our small group of two to share the beautiful shoreline they call home. Fishermen woke as the sun came up and boarded their boats first thing in the morning. Grandmothers prepare cassava by squeezing out the poisonous liquid with the cassava presser to make their traditional bread - they even take this poisonous substance and burn off the dangerous portions to make a healthy fish soup. 

Everything around you here in Galibi is alive. The children explore this world with a fearless approach - examining all kinds of fishes that swim around their coastlines as they take baths in the Marowijne River. At a young age the boys are taught to hunt and fish while the women are trained to cook and take care of the home. The cycles of life are celebrated. We investigate this as a tree has dropped her old coconuts and when left long enough will start to grow a new tree next to it's birth place. Our Galibi natives share a dance culture with us to protect all the surrounding animals, the same animals that protect us and our ancestors. 

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