Suriname Journal

Blaka Watra : Nº I

Last weekend, our family had the joy of meeting friends in Blaka Watra to camp. The area was founded by former Prime Minister JA Pengel as his resort. After his death it became accessible for everyone.

 Photos by Glenn Van Straatum

Photos by Glenn Van Straatum

The small man-made "sula" as the Surinamese call river rapids, feels so refreshing against the skin. "Blaka Watra" literally means, Black Water, as the river looks like Coke-a-Cola from the dried leaves that fall into the streaming creek. The 2 days at this site felt magical! We slept in hammocks, my brother Sean made Roti that we ate with Duck Masala and Zenko's special BBQ. I even tried crocodile for the first time, it's not bad. 

More adventures in the interior and historical regions to come while here in Suriname.