Suriname Journal

Marina Lex – The Suriname Way to Cool Off

Suriname is on "vacation" this time of year. The kids are out of school and many adults are able to take off time to visit other countries or spend time with their families. A couple weeks ago, my cousin gathered a large group of over 20 to drive just outside of Paramaribo to Marina Lex a small site by the calm tea like river in the District of Para.

The location was great for the day to cool off in the water as the children went on the slide back to back for hours. We ate BBQ and "bruine bonen" (brown beans) while chilling under palm trees. Big groups of teenagers played football as the sun went down. We laid in hammocks by the river until the night was settled. This was the night of the harvest moon - what a wonderful way to complete this day out of our typical routines with the full moon shining on the river.